The Worst Place For A First Date!


According to a new survey, McDonald’s is one of the worst places for a first date. About 20% say a movie is the worst place to go on a first date…It makes sense given there’s no opportunity to talk to your date, or even to properly look at them in the darkness of the theatre.


  1. Going to the cinema – 20%
  2. McDonald’s – 13%
  3. Staying home – 7%
  4. Going to a parent’s house – 4%
  5. Visiting a restaurant – 4%
  6. Going to a pub/bar – 4%
  7. Swimming – 3%
  8. Watching a football match – 3%
  9. Attending a funeral – 2%
  10. Going to the park – 2%

Going to a restaurant appeared as the fifth worst date idea while going to the pub took the sixth. However, attending a funeral surprisingly ranked in ninth place, suggesting it is a better option.

‘Some see [a restaurant] as too intense for a first date since it can be expensive, and you are expected to sit for an extended period without knowing if you will hit it off.

With a drinks date, you can make a quick exit if you’re incompatible but when food is involved, you have to sit it out.