There’s A New Celine Dion Documentary Coming

The Doc aims to raise awareness of stiff person syndrome

A documentary about Celine Dion that will follow her battle with stiff person syndrome is set to be released by Amazon MGM.  

A new documentary about Céline Dion aims to educate about stiff person syndrome, the neurological disorder the singer has been diagnosed with.

Amazon-MGM will release I Am: Céline Dion, a film that spans a year in the life of the globally successful singer as she deals with the condition that affects her spinal cord and brain.  

Dion told fans in December 2022 that she was dealing with stiff person syndrome in an Instagram video, saying that the spasms involved with the condition “affect every aspect of my daily life”. It’s prevented Dion from performing and in May 2023, she cancelled all future tour dates.

In December 2023, her sister told the Canadian website 7 Jours that she “doesn’t have control over her muscles” but was determined to return to the stage.

Stiff person syndrome, first diagnosed in 1956, is a rare autoimmune neurological disorder that can cause progressive muscle stiffness and painful spasms in the lower back, legs and torso. It affects an estimated one to two people in a million.

The new film comes from the Oscar-nominated film-maker Irene Taylor.

Dion has sold more than 250m albums during her 40-year career and she recently appeared in the romantic comedy Love Again.

The documentary has yet to be given a release date.