There’s a New Job That Will Pay You $15 per/hour to Eat Cheese!

It's time to follow your true career calling: cheese research.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Center for Dairy Research is looking for a cheese tester!

The Center is currently accepting applications for a Descriptive Sensory Panelist whose regular responsibilities will include tasting up to 24 cheese samples and 12 different pizzas a week, in addition to other foods. 

The panellist will need to be on-site for these tasting sessions, which will last around three hours, and they could be called for three sessions a week. They’ll also collect $15 per hour for their services, which means that they could pocket up to $135 bucks per week to eat cheese and pizza.

According to the job listing, one of the Sensory Panelist’s main responsibilities is “describing a range of food products in terms of appearance, texture, aroma, and flavour,” and providing accurate ratings for each sample based on the metrics that they’re taught.

The other (non-chewing) parts of the job include participating in discussions about the samples that are being tasted, “accurately following instructions,” and basically just showing up for tester training, performance monitoring studies, and each product evaluation session.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports that there have been around 135 applicants for the five Sensory Panelist positions. The Center for Dairy Research will be accepting would-be taste testers’ resumes through next Wednesday, June 21.