There’s A Parody Amazon Site That Lets You Order A Date For Valentine’s Day!

You can put the person of your dreams in your basket!

A parody site has popped up that looks exactly like Amazon’s that lets you “buy” a date!

There are some differences.  For example, if you click on the “last relationship” button, you’ll get the Britney Spears Toxic video.

But this is just a joke site, you can’t actually buy a date, on this site anyways…

The people featured on the site are real and each person has its own list of qualities for you to choose from.  Each person who has posted their picture and profile online has associated themselves with a cost.  

For example, 30-year-old Grace ($39.95) had a “live laugh love” tattoo removed and believes that being “on-time” has a fifteen-minute window.

26-year-old Rizky ($299.99) likes to be called daddy, will probably leave you for Halsey when he becomes famous, and like Billie Eilish, also doesn’t know who Van Halen is.

Check out people available to buy!

If you’re tired of swiping right- you can apply for the Amazon dating site!

All deliveries are free as long as you’re a prime member!