There’s Now A New Toy That Allows People To Pop Pimples!

Get your gross on, pimple poppers.

Watching pimple-popping videos online has been…a thing for a while.  If you’re one of those people who love to watch this but hasn’t had the opportunity to pop a pimple yourself recently, you’re in luck!  Now you can simulate the real thing with this handy-dandy pimple popping toy.

Called the Pop it Pal, the full “kit” comes with a hunk of fake flesh (available in a light or dark skin tone), a bottle of fake yellow pus (made from “all natural” oils), and a filling tool – all for $19.99. Refills of “pus” are also available for purchase.

People apparently love to watch pimples being popped and blackheads being squeezed. Case in point, Dr Sandra Lee, known as the Dr Pimple Popper has almost 2 million followers on Facebook who tune in regularly to watch her extract pimples from people.

But why do you so many people enjoy watching these disgusting videos?

Dr Lee said: “I think watching popping is similar to seeing a scary movie or riding a roller coaster for some. You get a rush of euphoria and excitement.”

Here’s more on why people love to watch this!