These Are Our Favourite Cookies

Now I'm hungry!

According to new research, four in ten people are confident enough in their cookie-backing skills that they would drop their jobs to become a baker.

The survey of 2,000 people looked at people’s love for cookies and revealed that 82% of respondents enjoy baking their own cookies — and half enjoy the sweet snack so much that they bake their own at least once a month.

Of those who bake homemade cookies, 64% are confident they could bake the “perfect” cookie.

Chocolate chip cookies were a clear winner as our favourite to eat and make!

Nostalgia may play a role in why it tops the list of cookie flavours. Nearly half of respondents said they ate chocolate chip cookies often as kids.

And what makes for the perfect chocolate chip cookie? While preferences can vary, results showed that there’s nothing like a fresh-baked soft, chewy cookie made with brown sugar.