Things That Inevitably Happen When You Go To The Dog Park or Trail!

So much butt sniffing!

There’s nothing better than taking your pup to the dog park. The joy on their face is worth driving and mud in your car afterwards! The trail or park is very predictable, any of the following will inevitably happen!

You let the dog off the leash and they bolt! FREE!!!!!!

Then another dog doesn’t like your dog, so he gets chased back to you and runs in between your legs.

You throw a stick, but he can’t find the stick you threw, because he gets distracted by butts.

An abundance of butt-sniffing!  Butts, Butts and more Butts!

There’s a surprising amount of ferocious small dogs.

Your dog is playing with other dogs, although you’re not sure if your dog made a friend or an enemy.

You’re constantly reassuring other pet people that your dog is friendly and that’s the sound they make when they’re happy.

Your dog wants the ball, but another dog wants it more.  The other pet parent just stands there and lets their dog play with your ball.

A parent brings their small kid to the park and you get nervous.

Random dogs try to jump on you…

It takes a while, but your dog finally comes when you call him, and you’re so proud!

But no matter how good your dog is, there is always another dog that’s far more impressive.

Then there’s the A-Hole who brought his cat to the park…

You’re ready to go but your dog refuses to leave…

You witness an owner leaving his dog’s poo and you dream of bagging it and tossing it at his car when he leaves.

Your dog finally gets tired enough, that when you get home, he won’t follow you into the bathroom.