This is How Long Your First Date Should Be!

Short and sweet!

According to new research, four in five actively dating people over 21 prefer the dinner and a movie combo when on a first date!

Half of the respondents prefer casual drinks, followed by coffee or going to a market or picnic.

On average, a first date should last a little less than three hours (2.72), and it takes respondents about four dates to feel comfortable with that person.

Almost a third of respondents get the first date jitters. To do away with those first date jitters, daters are sipping on a favourite drink, wearing their favourite outfit or accessories and choosing a familiar location.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Canada Dry, results showed that although having a drink in hand may soothe some anxieties, there is always a limit — almost half (46%) of respondents find drinking too much on a first date to be a turn-off.


If their date drank too much, 32% of respondents would speak up and address it during the date, while 28% would simply end the date and leave and 15% would write off a second date entirely.

Nevertheless, more than three-quarters (76%) of respondents are likely to base a love connection on whether their date has the same drink preferences.

Key indicators that a first date went well include a text or call immediately following the date, a goodnight kiss and even extending the date past the expected time.

But on the flip side, top signs of a sour first date include being “ghosted” afterward (65%), making an excuse to leave the date early (65%) and awkward moments of silence (48%).