This Many People Would Text Their Ex If It Meant Unlimited Free Pizza!

If it’s free, it’s for me…

We love our pizza!  In fact, two in three people consider themselves “pizza experts” according to a recent study!



The poll of 2,000 pizza-loving adults found that almost 80% can even point to the best places to get a slice in the town they live in. Almost everyone has eaten a pizza just within the last month of taking the survey.



Nearly three-quarters of respondents love pizza so much they could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner without ever getting bored. Nearly half said it’s perfect for next-day leftovers.



Although two-thirds believe eating pizza is fine for lunch and it’s perfect for dinner. A little under half of the people said it’s completely acceptable to eat for breakfast.



The study showed that about 65% of people don’t enjoy pizza as much as they’d like due to their health.  More than half of us believe pizza is a “junk food,” and it’s not healthy enough for our diet.



Almost everyone said they’d be “thrilled” if the pizza was healthier to eat, while two in three would order more if the toppings were healthier.

The most beloved toppings included:

pepperoni (42%)
sausage (39%)
onions (37%)


Meanwhile, the most despised toppings were:

anchovies (35%)
pineapple (32%) 
jalapenos (27%)


Pineapple is a scorching topic of debate: while a third believe it doesn’t belong on pizza, 44% insisted that it actually does.



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We love pizza so much, we’d do just about anything for a free pie!


    1. Have every movie for the next year spoiled for me
    2. Shave all the hair from my body, eyebrows included
    3. Text an ex
    4. House-sit
    5. Perform at a talent show
    6. Help my worst enemy move
    7. Eat the food I absolutely hate
    8. Go without internet for a month