This One Is For All The Brides-To-Be

No need to worry about bathroom breaks on your wedding day!

Those giant blue Ikea bags, great for many things including the obvious; shopping at IKEA. But once you get them home, those bags are good for everyday groceries, a swimming bag for kids and now- holding up your wedding dress when you have to pee.

One woman has shared how she made use of an Ikea Frakta bag on her wedding day by cutting a hole in the bottom and using the bag to gather up her gown, using the handles as shoulder straps so she could go to the bathroom without having to hold her dress over her head!

Sure you can have your bestie help you pee- but if you’re the type to want to do everything yourself- try this hack!

Plus its cheaper than that bridal buddy, which is a little skirt you wear under your dress that can be lifted up to gather your gown!