TikTok Is Launching A Food Delivery Service

No more messy kitchens!

Soon US TikTok users will be able to order the viral food they see on the app direct to their door.



No need to go to the labour of making it yourself, as TikTok plans to launch TikTok Kitchens.  This will be their first foray into the food delivery business.

By the end of next year, they will launch in 300 locations with the partnership of Virtual Dining Concepts. The first will open as early as March.



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The menu will be made up of the app’s trending dishes and will be updated quarterly to stay up to date with the trends.



The Most Popular Food Trends On TikTok


At-Home Quesadilla
Baked Feta
Corn Ribs
Baked Oats
Vegetable Burger Buns
Smashed Vegetables
Nature’s Cereal
Pesto Eggs
Pasta Chips
Salmon Rice Bowl