Tim Hortons Employees Say That Canadians Are Using The Drive Thru All Wrong!

There are over 3,500 Tim Hortons restaurants in Canada

At any given moment, there are thousands of Canadians going through a Tim Hortons drive-thru all the time!

According to a Reddit thread, employees at Tims say there is a right way and a wrong way to use the drive thru.  According to the employees, there are specific ways to place your order that will make everyone’s lives easier.

The First is how to order your coffee.  According to employees, the best way to order your daily coffee is by listing size, type and then the add ins like sugar or sweetener.


Also employees all seem to agree, if you are ordering food- do that first because it takes longer to make. 

If you are doing a big order, meaning a few coffees and meals, employees say go into the store so you aren’t holding up the line. 

Another tip, have your cash or card ready for payment when you get up to the window.

Here’s more on what we’re doing wrong!