Time off work for getting Dumped!

Breaking up is hard to do!

It seems like most relationships end badly. The immediate aftermath can be highly emotional. Will I find the one? Am I going to die alone?

According to GMA, there is at least one company realizes that workers can be pretty useless on the job following a breakup:
An ad agency called IdeaXMachina in Pasig City in the Philippines just started offering “break up leave” . . . which is paid time off after you get dumped.

The CEO says that they decided to start the policy because they need their staff to have maximum creativity . . . and that’s just not possible after a break up.

They’ve also added new policies where they’ll give their staff $30 toward DATES up to six times a year . . . and they’ll kick in $3,000 toward employees’ weddings.

As of yet, there aren’t any companies in North America that have perks like those.