Tinder Launches A New Blind Date Feature

So you 'like' someone based on their personality instead of their photo!

Tinder has launched a new feature that allows you to get to know a potential date before you get to see their appearance.



Photo credit: Tinder


The Blind Dates feature makes you chat with someone before you see the pictures of them.  You just answer a few questions, and it matches you with someone based on common answers. Blind Date only tells you their name and age.  You have to chat with the person to gain access to their profile pictures.  Then you finally get to see them and decide if you’re interested or not.


To use Blind Date, members will first answer a handful of icebreaker questions before being paired with someone else based on commonalities. 


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They’ll then enter a timed chat experience where they won’t know any of the details about the person they’re messaging, beyond their answers to the multiple-choice prompts. These will be lightweight, sometimes even silly questions, like “It’s OK to wear a shirt ____ times without washing it” or “I put ketchup on____.” 


When the timer runs out, the two members can view each other’s profile, then like it if they want to make a match and continue getting to know each other.


The feature aims to encourage people to gauge their first impressions of one another based on personality and conversation, instead of photos.