Tinder Select Is A $499 Per Month Plan For Tinder’s 1 Percent

I'd totally do this!

Tinder’s new high-end plan says it will improve your chances with the ‘most sought-after’ users and let you message people you’re not matched with.

Tinder announced a $499 per month invite-only subscription…

As part of the premium plan, subscribers can message people they’ve not matched with, while the “most sought-after” users will see their profiles. 

Tinder says it only offers the plan to less than 1 percent of its users it considers “extremely active” and that the applications will open up on a rolling basis.


If selected to apply, users will have to meet the company’s “5-point Select Screen.” 

That means their profile must include a verified photo, a biography, five interests, at least four images, and details about what kind of relationship they’re looking for. 

If their application is approved, members can add an exclusive Select badge to their profile. 

Like Twitter’s new hide your blue checkmark option, Select members can also hide the badge just in case they don’t want people to know they paid for the highest tier package.


Plus, Platinum members can already message people they like before they match, and that’s just for $29.99 for one month.