Tips to Staying Flawless at all the Summer Weddings

All so you can get back out on the dance floor and continue to kill it while looking great.

It’s that time of year again… Wedding season is among us, and the worst part about summer weddings is being stuffed in a tight dress or stuffy suit all day/ night.

There are however, some simple tricks and tips you may want to take note of if you’re heading to the holy matrimony this summer season!

Ladies, theres nothing worse than looking shiny 2 hours into the party. You need to get yourself an arsenal of sweat proof make-up products that are going to last all night. Check out our “10 Sweat Proof Make-up Products you Need for the Summer” article and educate yourself!

Another great tip is to invest in a little package of oil absorbing pads to keep in your clutch all night.. These babies ARE clutch, they’re going to help you out in the heat of the moment and unwanted shine you gained while tearing up the dance floor.

That party-animal in the corner? Thats you – killing it.

Now you need these:

My next #protip comes from many weddings and events where you decide tonight is the night you’re going to wear heels… All. Night. Long. You’re great out of the gate, but as soon as you have to walk from the ceremony to the reception area, you instantly regret EVERYTHING. Your feet hurt all over, but worst of all? every aspect of your high-heeled shoe is rubbing you the wrong way. How do you fix this? DEODORANT!

Even Secret isn’t keeping this a secret! It seriously works! Buy a little travel size and keep it in your clutch. This handy trick also works for chaffing of any sort… You know what I mean… And it’s a genuinely good idea to have on you while you’re at a summer wedding.

Fellas, the most common issue I hear from my male friends/ family members/ significant other is that, first of all, you almost always have to wear a full length dress shirt to these weddings, and with it being hot, the likely outcome is that you’ll sweat through your dress shirt and have an enormous fear of taking off your suit jacket all night.

“Gosh darnit, not again!”

Fear not. I have solutions.

1. Invest in a moisture wicking undershirt- the extra layer might be annoying, but the purpose of it will keep you feeling cool and confident.

2. As well as your regular under-arm deodorant, use an aerosol deodorant down the middle of your back. This might sound weird, but it wont leave you feeling sticky, rather it will leave you with a cooling sensation!

3. Any chance you get to unbutton that sucker and let your body breathe, take it! Even just taking a minute in the bathroom to air-out will let you cool down a little before you can get back out there and show all of your friends and distant family members your awful… I MEAN wonderful dance moves.

Finally…. You really just have to make it past the picture stage of the night, because after that nothing else will matter! It’s a night of fun and love and (often times) free drinks! So theres a good chance no one will remember what you looked like.