Today Is Discover Day!

Are you taking the test today?

A study has found that more women will find out that they are pregnant today than any other day of the year!  January 17th falls just over two weeks since January 2nd which is said to be the most common day of the year for couples to conceive.

According to parenting site, more than 10,000 women will take a test this morning, to find a + sign or two blue lines.

And of course, once the first test shows up positive, women will flood the Shoppers to buy more tests- to make sure the results are accurate.

Fun Fact:

One in 20 women check upwards of 16 times before they finally accept that they are will the child.

The study also found that many modern moms are breaking the 3-month secret rule and tell the world a lot sooner!

Less than 30% of moms keep their news quiet.

One in three tells friends and family as soon as they find out.

45% of moms post their ultrasound pictures of their little peanut on social media.