Too Much Screen Time Causes Wrinkles!

Your skin could potentially be aging faster than you think!

If all the studies out there about too much screen time being bad for you still isn’t enough to make you want to put down your phone, perhaps this will do it!

According to an expert in Wales, taking selfies might be as bad for your skin as go to a tanning bed.

Having the phone pointed directly at your face like that is just pounding it with electromagnetic “blue light” rays from the screen. Kinda like what the sun can do to your skin if you get too much exposure!

This isn’t just about selfie takers… The experts say that the blue rays from your smart phone can be more damaging than sunshine.

Moral of the story- too much time on your phone can make you wrinkly! 

Other health experts say radiation from your phones is preventing skin from repairing itself – breaking the DNA strand and causing oxidative stress on cells.

Experts warn, that with millions of teenagers using Instagram, Tik Tok and Snapchat on a regular basis, the clinician says the risk of pre-mature skin ageing will be more common in years to come.