Toronto Airport Hilton Makes American Tourist Sign A Waiver To Get Burger Cooked Medium

Food Waivers!

An American tourist in Canada posted a photo after they ordered a burger at the Toronto Airport Hilton, and had to sign a waiver to get it cooked medium.

The waitress took their order and brought the burger.  Then she handed them a “food waiver” that said they couldn’t sue if it made them sick.  

The tourist posted this note to Reddit in shock!

“I ordered my burger medium and the waiter took it with no question or comment. She brought it and it looked great! When I had my first bite she brought me a release form and said we always make our burgers well done but since you wanted it medium now you should sign this! I was flabbergasted. I read the release form and I think I can never have a burger. I tried to be nice so I paid and left but could not eat the burger. I am from the US so I do not know. Is it common in Canada? Like how can you sign a form like his and still eat it? Why the waiter did not say anything beforehand? I still can not believe it!”

Canada has had laws on the books for years that say restaurants have to do burgers well-done to kill off any possible E. coli.  That’s at least 160 degrees.  Medium is 140 to 145 degrees.

The person who ordered it said they didn’t even end up eating the burger.  They took a few bites, but being told it might KILL them kinda ruined their appetite.

A spokesperson for Hilton said it’s something they do at that specific hotel, but it’s not “standard practice” for Hiltons in the U.S.