Turkey Is Fowl- Why You Should Eat Other Birds This Holiday Season

Do we actually like turkey?

Every year, a good number of people ignore the elephant-sized bird in the room: Turkey, for lack of a better word, sucks. 

This year it’s suggested that we flip turkey the bird and try another bird!

When you think about it, turkey doesn’t taste that good.  I mean what other bird needs baste with copious amounts of cranberry sauce and gravy? 

And what about the fact that we inject this dam bird with an insane amount of butter like we’re injecting Botox just so it doesn’t dry out before it hits the table? Fowl is foul!

A 2018 poll found that 65% of people would prefer an alternative to this bloated holiday bird.

So What Birds Can You Sub In This Holiday Season?

Cantonese squab…

Roast Peking duck…

Roast pheasant….

Too off-the-beaten palate for your taste? How about a good old-fashioned holiday ham or roast chicken, which ranked as the respective No. 1 and 2 most preferred alternatives to gobbler for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas dinner…

Any of these are enough to make us quit cold turkey — because even with prices on the decline, this bird’s just not enough bang for your cluck.