Types Of Mom On Halloween According To Charlie

Which one are you?

Which mom are you?


The overboard mom

-This is the mom who has been thinking about Halloween since the middle of September!  This mom decks herself out in full makeup and costume-blowing a small fortune on decorations and candy.


The No Candy Mom!

-When trick or treaters arrive at this mom’s house, they open up their bags only to get little plastic toys, stickers or homemade treats with their name and phone number attached.


The Good house Mom

-This is the mom that goes out of her way to have the best candy on the block so kids keep coming back to her house to make her feel validated!


The can’t be bothered mom

-This is the mom who puts out a bowl on the porch with a note attached saying “Only Take One”


The Traveling mom

-This is the mom who shuts down her house, brings candy to someone else house and walks the streets with other mom friends with drinks in hand…