Unnecessary Risks That People Take Around The Home

Be careful out there!

A poll of 2,000 adults revealed nearly a fifth admitted to risking electrocution by turning on light switches while still wet after coming out of the shower.

And more than a third regularly risk slipping and falling on their wet bathroom floor.

Other potential gambles people take include leaving their windows unlocked when they head out for the day or standing on a rickety chair to catch a spider on the ceiling.

Other dicey moves include jumping the last few steps on the staircase and not fitting smoke alarms or making sure the existing ones work.

According to this new study, seven in 10 have indulged in at least one risk a day at home!  

And 51 percent admitted to taking risks without considering the consequences of their actions first.


  1. Walking on a wet floor
  2. Put a washing machine on and left the house
  3. Left the mains water on when going on holiday
  4. Left windows unlocked
  5. Left curtains open when going on holiday
  6. Standing on a chair to catch a spider on the ceiling
  7. Jumped down the last few steps of your staircase
  8. Climbed up on top of kitchen units to reach the top shelf
  9. Turned on a light switch with wet hands
  10. Put the dishwasher on and left the house

Other risks include leaving the door unlocked all day when you’re not home, not having winter tires, not checking smoke alarms, leaving something cooking in the oven when popping out to the store and walking on icing steps.