Vodka Butter Is Way Better Than Regular Butter!

Vodka butter goes viral!

Vodka butter is the boozy, viral spread that social media is all over, and making a splash at dinner parties.

A chef and food blogger went viral with her recipe on TikTok!

According to the 36-second clip, you combine one stick of butter with a shot of vodka in a food processor, whipping the mixture to a velvety texture.

It doesn’t take long to make, coming to gather in just five minutes!

@carolinagelen vodka butter #butter #nye #food #vodka #recipe ♬ Sunday – HNNY

The blogger suggests spreading the boozy butter on a crispy baguette! Butter has been getting a lot of attention lately! 

Last year, butter boards were all the rage, with the hashtag #ButterBoard gaining more than 234 million views on TikTok.