Walmart Removes Offensive Shirt with Hidden Swear Words

Putting the “Swear” in “Sportswear”

It was not intentional, mistakes happen!

Walmart has removed a T-shirt from its stores after a customer noticed that the makers had accidentally emblazoned it with a very rude word.

The unintentionally controversial couture came to light via a tweet that has amassed over 2.5 million views.

At a glance, the T-shirt seems rather innocuous: It sports a typical pro-recycling slogan with the letters “RE” in upper case, followed by the four lower-case suffixes “cycle,” “use,” “new” and “think.”

However, upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that the first letters of each word inadvertently spell the word “c–t.”

Walmart was quick to scrap the accidentally profane shirt from shelves.  In a statement, Walmart says this was not intentional and the shirts have been removed.

The T-shirt, which was created by the Walmart-owned George fashion brand, had reportedly only been available in Canadian outlets, where it was on sale for $5.