WATCH: 6-Year-Old Sam Raps Careers from A-Z

Amazing! He memorized the whole thing!

This is amazing!

Sam, who is 6 years old, raps his way through the alphabet, giving one career for each letter as well as rhyming descriptions. He and his dad co-wrote the song #YouCanBeABCs which includes lyrics like this:

You can be a P

Paramedic! Medical emergencies

You can be a Q

Quantum physicist! Particles and energy

You can be an R

Researcher! Finding cues for disease. 

His dad, Robert, is in the background keeping the beat and looking very proud of his little boy.

By the way, Sam was looking into the camera, not a TelePrompter or something with a script.  He memorized the whole thing!

I can imagine that they’re getting offers to record the song in a studio. Teachers are also asking them to turn the rap into a book. I’d buy that!

Check it out!

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