WATCH: Adorable ‘Flower Grandpa’ Walk Down Aisle

Forget having a 'Flower Girl', This Bride Wanted a 'Flower Grandpa'

Well this is just adorable!

When you think of a ‘Flower Girl’ in a wedding party, you probably think of this cute little girl all dolled up, in a poofy gown wobbling down the aisle throwing flower pedals everywhere. But that’s NOT what this Bride wanted.

Jennifer Briskin from Atlanta, Georgia, is extremely close to her 85 year-old grandfather Stanley, and she really wanted him to be a part of her special day, so she asked if he would be her ‘Flower Grandpa’. At first it was meant as a joke, but the idea just kind of stuck!

Apparently Stanley was so nervous about the doing the honour, he wanted to practise down the driveway before the big day!

If this doesn’t warm your heart… you’re broken.

(Video & Image Courtesy of Robin Nathan Photography & Allison Briskin/YouTube, BuzzFeed)