WATCH: An Incredible Proposal On-Stage At The Arkells Concert!

Two Arkells fans had the time of their lives at a concert on Saturday, April 16, in Oshawa.

It was a moment that no one at that concert will ever forget!


Fabian Vargas had been planning on proposing to his boyfriends for some time, and the plan was to do it at the Arkells’ show.  


Due to the pandemic, the Arkells were forced to delay their shows until April.  It was finally time for Fabian!


Fabian says that Arkells’ song “My Heart’s Always Yours” is their song, so he reached out to the group to make sure they were going to play it at their concert so he could propose to his boyfriend Max.


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Arkells’ manager made it much better and arranged an on-stage proposal! The Arkells shared in an Instagram post how they helped coordinate a surprise proposal at their show.


“He had ‘My Heart’s Always Yours’ engraved on the ring, and wanted to do it during their favourite song. So we invited them up – the premise being we needed their energy to lead the dance party – and much to Drew’s surprise Fabian got down on one knee,” they wrote.



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Arkells come to Barrie on April 21st to The Paul Salon Arena!


Photo Credit: Arkells/Instagram