WATCH: The 1st Trailer for ‘Dolittle’ Movie is Here

Well this wasn't what I was expecting

When I think of Dr. Dolittle I have immediate thoughts of Eddie Murphy’s hilarious version of the film from 1998. It was an instant hit that still holds up today! (The new one is nothing like it)

The new ‘Dolittle’ Movie is a remake of the original 1967 version and it’s Robert Downey Jr.’s first non-Marvel movie in 5 years.

The internet is not embracing ‘Dolittle’ with open arms either. Robert Downey Jr. is taking criticism for leaving Marvel’s Iron Man suit to talk to animals.

And can we talk about the incredible cast? The payroll must be through the roof, this movie will need to be strong at the Box Office.

Dolittle will be in theatres on January 17th. The movie’s producers are seriously hoping you go see it!