We Now Know When Yellowstone Will End!

This is worse than we had to wait for Game of Thrones!

The conclusion of “Yellowstone” Season 5 will premiere in November of 2024. A new prequel called “1944”, and a modern-day spinoff called “2024” are also in the works.

“Yellowstone,” like the other spinoffs “1883” and “1923,” was written by Taylor Sheridan.

In April, Paramount announced Matthew McConaughey’s “Yellowstone” spinoff is officially moving forward. It is unclear if McConaughey will appear in “1944” or “2024.”

After the first half of the fifth season aired late last year, the show took a break for the holidays. It was supposed to return to filming at the beginning of the new year, but that was pushed back to sometime this summer. Now, fans know it has been pushed back even further.