Wearing A Tight Ponytail All The Time Is Bad For You!

Beauty Hurts!

Ariana Grande has made the high ponytail a signature of her style and she’s been very open on social about the pain that is causes….

But did you know that sporting a high ponytail all the time is dangerous? The most common side affect to having your hair tied up super tight is headaches or migraine…

The reason is that the ponytail pulls the nerves in your scalp and around your face.  While the idea of a mini face lift may sound appealing, high ponytails can also cause back and neck pain because you’re forces everything up with a little hairband.  The thicker the hair, the more your pain can extend to your back and neck.

In extreme cases, the hair style can cause such tension that it may cause receding hairlines… The solution?  Stop wearing your hair in a high ponytail and try a bun or braids.