“Weekend Marriage” Is Very Popular In Japan!

Until death due us part, but only on the weekends!

At a time when divorce and separations are increasingly on the rise among some groups in Canada, unique concepts like “separation marriage” and “weekend marriage” are taking over in one part of the world that if practiced here, could save some marriages.

In Japan, many are opting to live separately despite being legally married to have a better lifestyle. Some are even forming a weekend arrangement where they only couple up during the weekends and go on to live separate lives in separate residences during the week to have “easier” and more flexible relationships.

According to Statistics Canada, divorces in this country are increasing among people in older age groups. Moreover, almost one-third of the divorces in Canada are now the result of a joint application by both spouses, a 2022 report from the agency states. “The proportion of couples who file jointly has grown steadily from 4% in 1987 to 31% in 2020.”