Weird Dating Requirements!

Do you have a weird deal-breaker?

Dating is harder than ever now! Especially when you add online dating…

A Reddit user was curious about things that would be an automatic “no” this won’t work” when they asked, “What’s the weirdest dating requirement you have?”

Thousands weighed in on this topic and perhaps these dating requirements aren’t so weird!  (Okay, some are weird)

“Mine is that you have to at least appreciate frogs a little. If you dislike frogs, I’m not interested.”

“I have to catch them snoring at least once. If I don’t, I will be sad because snoring is so cute.”

“Not having the same name as my sister or my mom.”

“If you eat all my pickles and put the empty jar back in the fridge, I’m breaking up with you.”  

“No flip-flops on dudes.”  

“He should be as smart as/smarter than I am. There’s no bigger turnoff than a guy who is noticeably dumber, and there’s nothing hotter than a particularly intelligent guy.”

“If you’re not down with sharing food, this isn’t going to work out.”

“I can’t handle dudes that talk to themselves when watching sports…”

“Dudes that pronounce it “Li-bary” instead of “Library”