What is the ‘Pandemic Skip’? 

Experts explain why you feel 3 years younger than you are…

The pandemic took a toll on everyone’s mental health and the majority of people of all ages are still dealing with its effects…

Research has shown that kids are still struggling in school, while young adults complain their maturity has been stunted — a phenomenon experts are calling the “pandemic skip.

The experts explain that “whatever age you were when the pandemic started is where you’re at mentally now.”

20-somethings can’t seem to figure out life and the 30-somethings are uncomfortable with the thought of starting a family…

The popular search term #pandemicskip has accumulated over 11 million views on TikTok, with countless users sharing how a years-long social lockdown has hampered their personal development.

Nova Cobban, a psychologist in the UK, describes the “pandemic skip” as the sense that we missed out on growth milestones and opportunities that would have occurred during the years the world was on hold.

“[People] have lost so many of the experiences that make up our sense of time passing that it feels like life was on hold instead of moving forward,” she added.

“As a result of this ‘missing time,’ there is a sense of disconnection between the stage of our lives we feel we are at and the reality of the age and stage we are in,” she explained.