What Makes Your Home Fancy? A Home Bar!

Everyone had a friend who had a dad with a basement bar!

According to new research, the average person has four things in their home to impress guests.

A recent survey of 2,000 U.S. adults aged 21 and older looked at what parts of the home respondents would show off to others and found that architectural wonders like the flooring or large windows make a home feel fancy.  

Others say distinctive features make all the difference, like a piece of furniture, unique wall art or a home bar.

More than a third of respondents surveyed have a home bar and most describe it as a long wooden surface where they serve drinks from behind or a nice display of bottles.  

The survey found that those who don’t have a home bar are experiencing FOMO, as 54% want one.  

The average person with a home bar spent $785 on it within the past year, splurging on alcohol, accessories and more.

Some of the common bar items respondents already own are shot glasses, openers, an ice bucket/scoop, a cocktail shaker and a drink mixer.

To add to their collection, those surveyed want to get their hands on a decanter, can cooler and drink cart.

When it comes to alcohol, 47% own an unopened bottle that they’re saving for a special occasion like getting a “pay raise at work,” a “renewal of wedding vows” or “when we are debt free.”


  1. Margarita — 30%
  2. Daiquiri — 22%
  3. Bloody Mary — 19%
  4. Long Island iced tea — 19%
  5. Rum and coke — 17%
  6. Gin and tonic — 13%
  7. Cosmopolitan — 10%
  8. Espresso martini — 10%
  9. Lemon drop — 9%
  10. Whiskey sour — 9%