There's so much to watch!

If you can find the time, there’s a lot to watch!

You Can Now Steam 1923 On Paramount Plus!

The Yellowstone origin story introduces a new generation of Duttons led by Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren as they deal with pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition, the Great Depression and a violent landscape.

On Thursday Top Gun Maverick will begin streaming also on Paramount!

Friday night you can catch Die Hard on CTV! A New York City cop (Bruce Willis) has to save his estranged wife after her office is overtaken by terrorists during a Christmas party. There’s no debate — it’s a holiday movie. Bruce Willis told me so.

You can watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ Saturday (Christmas Eve) on NBC…In the classic Christmas tale, an angel is sent to Earth to help a desperately frustrated businessman (James Stewart) learn the importance of life by showing him what would have happened to his loved ones if he had never lived.

Also on Saturday, Home Alone!