Cold Pizza Is the Best!

When it comes to leftovers, some people are fine with eating things straight out of the fridge, while others need to re-heat anything that was originally served hot.  The classic example is pizza, but not every food is as popular cold.  So a new poll asked people which leftovers they’d eat straight out of the fridge.  Here are the results:

1.  Pizza, 83% would eat it cold.

2.  Fried chicken, 60% would eat it cold.

3.  Quesadillas, 58% would eat them cold.

4.  Bacon, 55% would eat it cold.

5.  Pancakes, 51% would eat them cold.

6.  Burritos, 48% would eat them cold.

7.  Buffalo wings, 42% would eat them cold.

8.  Fried rice, 40% would eat it cold.

9.  Orange chicken, 40% would eat it cold.

10.  French fries, 36% would eat them cold.  (With some takeout, you don’t even get the option:  They’re cold by the time you get to them anyway.)

11.  Lasagna, 35% would eat it cold.

12.  Barbecue ribs, 35% would eat them cold.

13.  Hot dogs, 33% would eat them cold.

14.  Cheeseburgers, 33% would eat them cold.

15.  Mac & cheese, 33% would eat it cold.

16.  Brussels sprouts, 29% would eat them cold.

17.  Mashed potatoes, 28% would eat it cold.

18.  Chili, 17% would eat it cold.

19.  Biscuits and gravy, 8% would eat it cold.