Woman Makes $5K A Day Selling Her Boob Swear In A Jar!

She might be the world’s most inventive entrepreneur and grossest!

After making a fortune selling jars full of her farts, “90 Day Fiancé” star Stephanie Matto has now founded another unusual side business — hawking bottles of her boob sweat.



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The 31-year-old — who was forced to suspend the sale of her flatulence following a heart-attack scare back in January — came up with the new venture just in time for summer, and it’s already proving highly lucrative.


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Matto says it can take her just 15 minutes to produce a jar full of boob sweat if she’s lounging by her pool on a sunny day.



If the weather is warm enough, the blond beauty is able to produce enough perspiration to fill 10 bottles, which are subsequently sold off at $500 a pop on her X-rated site, Unfiltrd.