Women Are Loving Men Who Embrace “Babygirl” Look

Being “so babygirl” is the hottest compliment — for men.

A 26-year-old, 6-foot-5 man isn’t what comes to mind for most people when they think of a baby girl, but it is for Gen Z.

If you need a visual on this look- think Pedro Pascal, Timothée Chalamet and “The White Lotus” actor Leo Woodall — being associated with the moniker, leading to confusion for some and crushes for others.

Elordi’s purses, Pascal’s shorts and Chalamet’s sequins have these men proudly parading their traditionally feminine touches — and admirers are loving it in return.

According to Vogue Runway’s year-end poll, gender-bending menswear was dubbed the industry’s favourite 2023 trend.

A man who is “babygirl” comes across as sweet, charming, a bit bashful and seemingly in touch with their feminine side, ready to talk about their feelings or carry a purse to brunch at any point.

Gen Z is much more fluid when it comes to gender and sexuality than older generations, encouraging rather than condemning blurring the lines around the previously restrictive boxes separating masculine and feminine.

Heterosexual women — especially Gen Zers — are “rusting” (romanticizing and lusting) after men they consider to be “babygirl.”


About 31% of American men have actively changed their behaviour to become more vulnerable and open with people they are dating, according to Bumble’s 2024 Dating Trends report.

And for a quarter of men — 25% globally — this new-found openness has had a positive impact on their emotional state, Bumble reported.

The majority (87%) of people on Bumble agreed that kindness is now the most important quality, the global report found.