Women Who Tossed Her 36G Bra At Drake Lands Playboy Deal!

Of course she did after posting a video that went viral!

During a concert in New York, Drake had an old-fashioned item tossed at him this time; a bra!

Veronica Correia, 21, went viral after she tossed her undergarment at the Toronto rapper during his show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. After Drake caught her bra, he asked the crowd: “36G?” he said sniffing the item. “Locate this woman immediately.”

Playboy sure did! After the moment went viral, Correia‘s social media followers exploded with Playboy reaching out to offer her a gig as a paid content creator.

Drake is currently amid his It’s All a Blur tour, in which he has had to dodge a variety of objects being lobbed his way including most recently a vape and a phone…