Would You Sell Your Puppy For $200,000?

A stranger offered a woman named Alexis $200,000 for her pup, and her response made a lot of people mad.

A dog mom on TikTok left users barking after taking to the popular social media site to claim that someone had just offered $200,000 for her precious Doberman Pinscher puppy — riling up viewers even further when she revealed her response.

In a video that has now been viewed more than 950,000 times, Alexis Elliott (@itsalexiselliott) explains the situation to her followers. WARNING: F-Bomb in the video!

@itsalexiselliott I woild never sell her!! #fyp #doberman #puppy #dobermanpinscher #forsale ♬ original sound – Alexis Elliott

“Someone offered us $200K for our puppy, and I told my husband ‘absolutely f*cking not,’” the Los Angeles area woman said.

“Would you guys sell your dogs for $200k?” she queries. “Like, that is my baby!”

While the internet debates whether the situation happened or not… It’s worth asking the question; would you give up your puppy for $200,000?