Yes, Plants Can Talk And Feel Pain

Scientists say that plants can talk.

Scientists say that plants make sounds, particularly when injured or stressed.  Humans cannot hear these sounds, however.

CTV reports that researchers at Tel Aviv University recorded and analyzed sounds emitted by plants and discovered that they give off clicking sounds, emanating at a volume similar to human speech, but too high for our ears to pick it up.

So basically, when you cut a plant or step on a flower it cries… (OMG, the horror)

Previous studies did find that plants omit vibrations and also airborne sound waves. 

The plant types utilized in this study included wheat, corn, cactus and henbit, with most of the research focusing on tomato and tobacco plants.

In general, the plants emitted sounds within the 40-80 kilohertz range, meaning they were giving off ultrasonic sounds. Plants having a good day were generally quieter, emitting less than one sound per hour on average.

But plants which were dehydrated or injured would let out dozens of sounds every hour, according to researchers.