You Can Get A Bag That Locks Up Your Food To Stop Colleagues From Stealing Your Lunch

The work fridge! It’s a cold box of unknowns.

For example, how long has that cream cheese been in there and those random condiments from take out day.

Sharing this fridge is also a challenge- finding space to chill your diet coke can sometimes be an issue and that’s if people don’t steal it.

However there is now a solution to work food thieves thanks to the COMBiSAC bag!

This bag comes with a combination lock to secure your food from people in your office who may steal it.  Plus its great for hiding personal items from those co-workers also.

Tamoy Carter is the man behind The COMBiSAC bag which is in the production phase.  There is a kickstarter page to make this invention available to everyone! 

The code can be reset anytime too (in case brazen folks manage to crack it).