You’re Gonna Need This Vibrating Sloth Pillow To Survive The Winter

Move over unicorn decor, the sloth in taking over this winter season!


This adorably slow animal shuts down its metabolism when they get too cold.  This is actually why they move so slowly.  Extreme temperatures mean they expend less energy in order to improve their chances of surviving.  This practise is unusual for mammals to do this without entering into hibernation mode. 


LA-based Smoko is selling a vibrating sloth pillow to help you survive the winter!  Smoko is incredibly squishy, two pounds polyester and cotton and it comes with a carry handle and three AA batteries. (why it vibrates, we’re not sure) 

If you’re laying on your sloth pillow and need a little pick me up- simply push the button on its arm for instant vibration! 

You can hold it close as you dream the night away and if noting else, you can keep in mind that its a fantastic way to hide what is essentially large vibrator in plain sight!