You’ve Been Eating Toblerone Wrong Your Whole Life

This GIF Just Blew My Mind

The decadent prism-shaped chocolate bar Toblerone is a delicious favourite of many. The chocolate nougat comes in various sizes from pocket size to larger than LARGE! It’s available in original milk chocolate and other delectable flavours such as white, dark, honeycomb and fruit and nut.

Have you ever tried to break off a triangle of chocolate and failed so epicly that your hands get smeared with it and it crumbles into your lap? Well, as it turns out, there’s a reason why Toblerone is shaped the way it is.

The right way to indulge in Toblerone is by pressing your thumb down on the top piece of the triangle, like this GIF below.


Mind = Blown.

(All photos courtesy of Toblerone via Facebook)