You’ve Heard of the ‘Ick’ Factor, Now Let’s Talk about The ‘Tick’ Factor!

Personal, random things that make you smitten!

The ick, aka the moment when any spark or sexual attraction dies to the point of near – if not total – revulsion, is a powerful thing.

Now it’s time to talk about the ‘Tick’ factor! No, not like the bug – we’re talking about those lovely, sexy little check marks. They’re the little things someone you’re dating does that makes you crush on them even harder.

‘Ticks’ are more about that sexy, anti-ick feeling.

Like the ick, ticks have no logic – they just are. And, it can be totally, utterly random. For example, according to Match, writing words in full rather than using abbreviations and acronyms, is a ‘tick’ for 33% of daters.

Here are some of the random ‘Ticks’ from people on social media!

‘Men who talk to dogs like they’re human
‘When someone laughs so hard he gets tears in his eyes
‘Whispering in your ear in a group setting’

What’s your ‘Tick’ factor?