$1000 Minute Friday, December 27th

How did you do today?

1)    There are only 4 days left of 2019. How many days are there in January?







2)    Name the only Continent that doesn’t have the letter ‘A’ in it.








3)  What is the name of the holiday that happens the day after Christmas Day?
(Boxing Day)









4)  If you bought two dozen eggs and need 7 for a recipe, how many eggs do you have left?







5)  Stan Lee would be turning 97 tomorrow. What famous Comic Series is he known for?








6)   What plant makes up most of the Great Panda’s diet?








7)   Toucan Sam is the mascot for what popular breakfast cereal?
(Froot Loops)








8)   SPELL: Breakfast.
(B R E A K F A S T)







9)   How many NHL games were scheduled for yesterday?








10)  What was the name of the alien in The Flintstones animated series?
(The Great Gazoo)