$1000 Tuesday, May 19th

7 right for Charlie today, how did you do?

1) What tree nut is used to make marzipan?





2) In astrology, which zodiac sign is represented by the crab?






3) What is the northern most American state?







4) Name the ‘How do You Sleep?’ English singer that turns 28 years old today.
(Sam Smith)






5) When looking at a traditional clock, if the minute hand is on the 5 and the hour hand is on the 2, what time is it?







6) Name one of two fruit juices used when making a Cosmopolitan cocktail.
(Cranberry Juice/Lime Juice)







7) How many S’s are in the word ASSESSMENT?







8) In which film did father and son actors Will and Jaden Smith first appear together?
(Pursuit of Happyness)







9) Which NFL team holds the record for the most Super Bowl appearances?
(New England/Patriots)







10) A ‘Palindrome’ is a word that reads the same backward as it does forward. Name an example of a Palindrome.
(Lots of options here – Racecar, mom, dad, level, rotor, kayak, madam, refer, radar, wow, etc…)