It's hard to be mad at a doodle!

“My dog ate my homework” is a classic excuse for kids.  But here’s something that did happen.

A couple in Pittsburgh named Clayton and Carrie Law had a new fence put in last month, and the workers wanted to be paid in cash.  So Clayton went to the bank and took out $4,000.  And less than 30 minutes later, their dog ATE IT ALL.

He’s a seven-year-old Goldendoodle named Cecil who usually doesn’t chew stuff up.  But the big stack of fifties and hundreds was too enticing.

The good news is they managed to get most of it back.  The bad news is HOW they got it back, by sifting through Cecil’s poop.

The bank told them this wasn’t that uncommon, and they’d replace any of the bills as long as the serial numbers were still visible.  So Clayton and Carrie got to work.

Cecil puked some of the cashback up.  But to get the rest, they had to wait for him to relieve himself outside, collect the half-digested bills, wash them, and look for the numbers.  Each bill was like putting together a tiny puzzle.

Carrie described the smell as “SO bad.”  But after lots of hard work, they ended up with $3,550.  They only lost 450 bucks on the deal.

Cecil is fine, by the way, and they’ve already forgiven him.  They said going forward, they’ll keep in mind that he has very expensive taste.