American Movie Title Translations!


When American Movie’s travel overseas, their titles can get a little lost in Translation.

For example, Star Wars in French is translated to “The Wars of the Stars” and in Spanish its called “The Wars of the Galaxies.”

In Germany, the Millennium Falcon became the “Speeding Falcon.”

In Spain “The Dark Knight” became “Knights of the Night.”

The Chinese title for The Ghostbusters Reboot is “Super Power Dare Die-Team…

Also in China “Free Willy” translated to “ A Very powerful whale runs to heaven”

The Sixth Sense in Chinese is “He’s A Ghost”


Here’s where they get funny


In Denmark Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory is called “The boy drowned in the Chocolate Sauce!

Remember Leaving Las Vegas Starring Nicolas Cage, the movie that won him an Oscar? It’s called “I’m drunk and you’re a prostitute!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in Hebrew is translated to “Its Raining Falafel.”

Step Up star Channing Tatum -The French version is called “Sexy Dance”

Grease…In Argentina is called “Vaseline”

Silver Linings Playbook in Russia is titled “My boyfriend is a Psycho”

In French “Jaws” translates to “The Teeth of the sea”

In French “Home Alone “ is “Mom, I missed the Plane”

In China, Pixar’s Inside Out is “Fantastic Emotional Turmoil

The Hangover in Portugal translates to “A Childbirth Trip”