Another Mysterious Metal Monolith, This Time in Romania, is Found then Disappears!

The Utah sculpture was documented being removed by humans.

It didn’t take people long to find the location of a mysterious metal monolith in the Utah dessert after authorities announced its discovery. But then, on November 27th, less than a week after people found this 2.9-metre-tall, triangular, hollow piece of art (I assume it’s art), it went missing .


The New York Times reports that the metal structure, which was embedded in bedrock of the desert, was removed by 4 men.

On November 27th, a similar sculpture was found in Romania. This triangular metal structure, 3-4 metres tall, is located on “the plateau of Bâtca Doamnei near the archeological site of the old Dacian fortress Petrodava.” (source– Google Translate translation)


Unlike the Utah installation, where the three panels of metal were expertly riveted together, this metal object is welded and the panels looks hastily textured.

Now, the “monolith” in Romania has gone missing!


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